School of Religion

When you support Loma Linda University School of Religion, you support every student across our university system. The School of Religion plays a vital role in enhancing the educational experience of students by imparting a Christian faith that seeks to foster the holistic teachings of a Seventh-day Adventist health science university, addressing ethical, theological, and spiritual concerns faced by healthcare professionals today through its courses, centers and humanities program fund.

Your gift today extends the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ in communities around the world.



The School of Religion offers innovative master’s degree programs in bioethics, chaplaincy, and religion and society, positioning graduates for meaningful careers in service and healing. Philanthropy is essential to providing students a pathway to success as shared by alumnus Nelu Nedelea. Nelu is not only faithfully serving in ministry but is eager to give back to Loma Linda University School of Religion because of the way his ministry was formed by his experience here.

If you would like to support the next generation of Christ-centered religious leaders, like Nelu, please consider making a gift to one of our six scholarship funds.

Scholarship support is one of the most powerful ways to ensure student success.

By investing in education through scholarships, we empower aspiring leaders to pursue their academic journey unburdened by financial constraints.




The Center for Christian Bioethics, established 40 years ago, aims to address ethical dilemmas in medical science from a Christian perspective. It sets high standards for rigorous bioethics scholarship to promote informed decision-making among healthcare professionals, students, and the public. The Center sponsors research that interprets ethical questions through Christian values and teachings, tackling the moral challenges in today’s modern healthcare landscape.



The Center for Understanding World Religions was established in response to the 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack, aiming to foster reconciliation and healing through education, research and service. The Center organizes various programs, such as panels on interreligious engagement in patient-caregiver relationships, religious beliefs in healthcare, diverse faith perspectives, and the intersection of race, religion and discrimination. The Center has become a hub for interfaith understanding and cooperation and is working to expand research, seminars and publications to establish Loma Linda University as a leader in reconciliation among diverse religious communities.



The Center for Whole Person Care champions holistic well-being, particularly emphasizing the spiritual dimension inherent in every human encounter. The Center’s work extends to spreading the philosophy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for whole person care throughout the Loma Linda University system including the integration of whole person care practices into clinical settings through experiential learning. The work involves enhancing research, education and practice, making the Center a valuable resource for students, residents, employees, clinicians and faculty.



The Humanities Program Fund was established by the generosity of a faculty member and his spouse to ensure a thriving “silent curriculum” at Loma Linda University. Through the Humanities Program Fund, Loma Linda University students gain more than mere knowledge. Recognizing that “all truth is God’s truth,” students engage the classic liberal arts education from a robust Christian intellectual perspective, obtaining a Christian cultural intelligence that nurtures and develops their whole person.

The program serves as a vital supplement to every school’s curricula through programming that includes theatrical plays, poetry readings, film festivals, music programs, panel discussions, and electives in literature, law and film.



Together, we are supporting the success of the next generation of compassionate, service-oriented, Christ-centered leaders and healthcare professionals.